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WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer
WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer

What is meant by WPC Wall and Ceiling Cladding?

WPC Wall and ceiling cladding is readily accessible from Smart Roofs and Fabs pergolas in a variety of styles for both indoor and external use. Our synthetic cladding panels exhibit the most authentic premium wood looks with unmatched weathering characteristics, achieving the perfect balance of elegance and longevity. Weatherproof Smart Roofs and Fabs Pergolas' wall and ceiling cladding panels are extremely UV-resistant and anti-fading, maintaining their brilliant colours and polish for an incredibly long eternity, increasing the building's aesthetic appeal for years.

Smart Roofs and Fabs Pergola’s WPC Wall and Ceiling cladding manufacturer has the capacity to turn plain walls and ceilings into aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting surfaces. Wood, metal, stone, and PVC are just a few examples of cladding materials. These materials offer a wide range of artistic alternatives to match different architectural styles and tastes. Our interconnected outdoor and indoor cladding panels are readily fitted both horizontally and vertically, attaching to the main frame of the building via an aluminium structure, which creates a smooth, luxurious finish.

Characteristics of WPC Wall and Ceiling Cladding

  • Waterproofing
  • Anti-fading panel
  • Fire retardant
  • Good alternative source
  • Insulated and interconnected
  • Hidden and Transparent Fixtures
  • Resistant to UV and Weather changes

Significant Application

From classic to contemporary, Smart Roofs and Fabs Pergolas' diverse product portfolio allows customers to choose the perfect cladding material that complements their vision. These are the significant applications of the WPC wall and Ceiling panel.

  • Kitchen wall cladding
  • Prefabricated Building
  • Bathroom cladding
  • Ceiling cladding in restaurant, office, and retail spaces
  • Outdoor facades
  • Casting in commercial areas

Why should we use wall and ceiling cladding from Smart Roofs and Fabs pergolas?

Extreme protection: The WPC ceiling panel for commercial use from the Smart Roofs and Fabs pergola is a superior material for facades and wall and ceiling cladding in all types of buildings due to its high deteriorating capability and resistance to UV radiation, minimal thermal conductivity, improved thermal insulation properties, rusting and damage resistance, and flame retardant properties when compared with wood.

Budget-friendly: When you apply Smart Roofs and Fabs Pergola’s WPC ceiling panel for residential use to the wall instead of tiling, you save a lot of money, time, and labor. These are frequently more expensive when measured in terms of cost per meter of surface. Wall cladding doesn’t need maintenance or coating over the years to look good. It is a budget-friendly solution and a cost-saving idea.

All-purpose and all-regional products: In private homes, businesses, hotels, labs, hospitals, food processing industries, etc., Smart Roofs and Fabs Cladding products are the perfect material for covering the walls and ceilings. There are several options, like using internal ceilings, suspended false ceilings, internal wall cladding, partitions, and any other ornamental design elements. Exterior ceilings and soffit coverings are vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.

Multipurpose of Wall & Ceiling Claddings

  • WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer

    Pre-Fab Buildings

  • WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer


  • WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer


  • WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer


  • WPC Wall Ceiling Cladding Manufacturer


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